Curbing Care

Taking Care of Concrete Curbing

We take pride in our work, and we guarantee that when we leave your property our products will be in perfect condition.  Our team will walk your property and document the condition of all our installations. As the homeowner, it’s important that you take care of the product after we leave.  Concrete curbing can’t be patched, so as the concrete is drying it’s important that you keep children and pets away to ensure nothing is damaged.

Curbing doesn’t just fall apart on it’s own so we ask homeowners to do everything in their power to keep the area free of all activity for 48 hours after installation. Additionally, do not run your sprinklers for at least 24 hours after installation. While the curbs may look solid, they need time to fully harden. Lawn tools like rakes and mowers can do major damage to your curbs during this time period.

Sprinklers and Drainage

The most important thing to remember as a homeowner when it comes to curbing is to allow water to drain away from the house. 

The Pro-Tech team will do our best to put drainage cuts into the curb in the right areas to allow water inside the curb to drain away.  These drainage cuts are for direct rain and snow-melt only. All the water from the roof needs to be directed outside the curb. As a homeowner, one way you can do this is by extending your downspouts beyond the curbing. 

Water around your home is never a good thing, and while the drainage cuts are there it doesn’t mean it can handle all the water from the roof before it pools up next to the house and gets into the basement.  It’s the homeowners responsibility to protect the house. 

​For in-ground sprinkler systems, please be aware that depending on the installation location of the curb, your sprinkler heads may need to be moved or adjusted. Movement of sprinkler systems is the responsibility of the homeowner.

Re-sealing your Curbing

Uncoloured curbing does not need to be sealed or re-sealed over time.  If you decide to add colour to your curb, your product has been sealed after installation and will need to be re-sealed to keep the colors fresh. 

The frequency of re-sealing is the preference of the homeowner, as it’s up to you how glossy or dark you want your curbs to be.

  When acrylic sealers break down from UV rays, they lose their luster and will seem like the colour fades.  Fear not, the colour won’t fade, but the sealer will. We recommend resealing your curbs at least once every two years or when your curbs have faded or lost their luster.

Use a clear, exterior concrete sealer and apply using a 0.5″ nap paint roller that is 6″ wide. Before applying, ensure your curbs are clean and clear of debris and dirt.

Mowing, Edging and Snow Removal

Although landscape curbing is extremely durable and will last a very long time, it is not indestructible.  Commercial concrete has rocks mixed in for strength, while with our product, fine sands  are used along with certain chemicals and additives for workability and strength. 

Push mowers and riding lawn mowers can drive over curbing without issue. Problems occur when mower decks are too low or care isn’t taken when passing over the top as concrete can certainly be scratched by metal.  Weed whackers are not a problem, unless you are using a metal blade. Driving over curbing with large vehicles or a tractor should not be done. While the curb can withstand the weight, the ground underneath cannot. As the ground sinks, so too will your curb, which could lead to major damage.

Snow removal along your sidewalks and your driveway is another major issue.  Curbing will not withstand repeated strikes from a snowblower. We encourage all our clients to flag all areas that have curbing installations. 

Damages from mistreatment of your curbing are not warranty issues.